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We hope you are blessed by our candy! We are going on 25 years in business and we take great pride in what we do here. Quality, fun, integrity & joy are a few of our important values in business. We hope you find all of the above in our candy. 


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Welcome to The Chocoholic Tribe!

In the good old days, everything was made by hand, and the traditions were passed from generation to generation. At the Chocolate Haus, we've taken the heritage of craftsmanship and the rich history of chocolate-making and poured them into a steaming copper kettle to produce a purely decadent chocolate sensation. Century-old recipes made by hand ensure a chocolate experience that's as rich in flavor as it is in history.

Part of the world famous, historic Amana Colonies, Iowa. The Chocolate Haus endures to preserve the fine art of preparing chocolate sweets for chocolate lovers (#chocoholics) everywhere. Tourists from across the globe have watched as we create gourmet truffles, soft caramels and our “made from scratch” mouth-watering fudge. Our charming location and historical building welcomes over hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit The Amana Colonies each year.



CARE AND HANDLING FOR WARM WEATHER: If your order is placed when either our Amana, Iowa location or your location is above 70 degrees, we ship in insulated bags with ice-packs. *However; we do not guarantee your chocolate won't melt.

EXTENDING THE SHELF LIFE OF YOUR CHOCOLATES: We recommend that you triple wrap your chocolates if you are storing them in the refrigerator or freezer because chocolate absorbs odors. You can use foil, plastic wrap, or freezer bags. When you remove your chocolates, allow them to come up to room temperature before you unwrap them completely. This will take approximately 2 - 8 hours depending on whether the chocolates were refrigerated or frozen. This will extend the shelf life one month if refrigerated and approximately 4 - 6 months if frozen.Since we use only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives, we advise you to use the following timelines for the best quality in taste. 

  • Fudge: 2-3 weeks 
  • Caramel: 3-4 weeks 
  • Truffles: 2-3 months 
  • Chocolates with caramel in them: 4-6 weeks 
  • Caramel apples: 2-5 days 
  • Other chocolates: 3-4 months 
  • Chocolates with only nuts, chocolate chunks, or the snacking chocolates like dark espresso beans or malted milk balls: 6-8 months.


  • We ship via USPS. 
  • Regular box shipping is $9.99 (Seasonally we offer larger boxes which have a higher shipping cost)
  • We ship our subscription boxes out around the 3rd Monday of the month and those choosing to pick up can the following Friday-Sunday. 
  • HOWEVER due to tech delays our first box in Nov 2019 will ship around Monday Nov 25th. 
  • PICK-UP IN STORE please use the code PICKUPINSTORE at check out. 
  • You are responsible for furnishing a correct address, not us....we are busy making your chocolate for Pete’s sake! 
  • Once it leaves our facility we no longer control how it’s handled. 
  • If they leave your box on the porch, or under your step, or with your office manager, or if your dog gets to it first, or your neighbor steals it......you’re getting the picture! We aren’t responsible. 
  • We also do NOT control the weather. I mean we are confident in our chocolate making skills, but we aren’t the weather man/women so don’t yell at us....this is IOWA country. And yes we CHOOSE to live here, but we are not responsible for delivery delays caused by adverse or unpredictable weather conditions.
  • If temperatures in Iowa or your arrival destination are above 70 degrees, we will include an insulated sleeve and ice pack because we are nice like that. However, we do not guarantee your chocolate will not melt. You can always refrigerate it and break apart to eat anyway....there was this one time I left my truffles in my car...
  • If you LOVE the goodies you received could you please leave us a review on google, facebook, yelp, or trip adviser?
  • If for some crazy reason you don’t love us like we love you, for heavens sake DON’T leave a review about it! 🤦‍♀️ CALL or EMAIL us so we can fix the problem. My Momma always said, “If there’s a problem, find the solution. If there isn’t a solution then you’re just WHINING!” 
  • BTW we love and appreciate our Chocoholics!  If you have a question, you’re upset, you’re happy and we know it.....email us! hello@chocoholictribe.com and we will get back to you by the end of the next business day. Or Call us 10-5 pm Central 319-622-3025

A little about our Betterman mission…

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